Indian Economy ( 71th edition)

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Table of Content Book Details PART-I: STRUCTURE OF THE INDIAN ECONOMY • Indian Economy on the Eve of Independence • National Income of India • Human Resources and Economic Development • Human Development in India • Occupational Structure and Economic Development • Natural Resources, Economic Development and Environmental Degradation • Infrastructure in the Indian Economy • Social Infrastructure and Social Sector, PART-II: PLANNING AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT • Objectives and Strategy of Economic Planning in India • Industrial Policy and Indian Planning • Public Sector and Indian Planning • Disinvestment of Public Enterprises • Redefining the Role of the State • Privatisation and Economic Reforms • Globalization and its Impact on India • Planning Experience in India • Tenth Five Year Plan (2002-07) • Eleventh Five Year Plan and Inclusive Growth • An Approach to the Twelfth Five Year Plan (2012-17) • The Problem of Capital Formation • Foreign Capital, Foreign Aid and Economic Development • Poverty and the Planning Process in India • The Parallel Economy in India • Unemployment in India • Inequality and Economic Power in India • Prices, Price Policy and Economic Growth • Balanced Regional Development, PART-III: AGRICULTURE IN THE NATIONAL ECONOMY • Indian Agriculture under the Five Year Plans: The Green Revolution • Food Security in India • Irrigation and Other Agricultural Inputs • Land Reforms • Size of Farms and Productive Efficiency • Organisation of Rural Credit in India • Agricultural Marketing and Warehousing • Agricultural Labour, PART-IV: INDIAN INDUSTRIES • Industrial Pattern and the Plans • Some Large-Scale Industries • Information Technology (IT) Industry • Small-Scale Enterprises • Labour Problems and Labour Policy • Unorganised Sector and Informalisation of the Indian Economy • Second National Commission on Labour, PART-V: THE TERTIARY SECTOR IN THE INDIAN ECONOMY • The Foreign Trade of India • India's Balance of Payments • Special Economic Zones • GATT, WTO and India's Foreign Trade • Indian Currency System • Indian Financial System: Commercial Banking System • Indian Financial System II: Money and Capital Markets in India • The Reserve Bank of India and Monetary Management • Indian Public Finance • Financial Relations between the Centre and the States • Thirteenth Finance Commission (2010-15) • Government Subsidies in India • Abbreviations

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ISBN: 9789385401749
Publisher : S.Chand & Company Ltd
Book Code : 08725
Language : English
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