World History By K.K Reddy

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McGraw Hill Education is proud to present “World History” by their bestselling author K Krishna Reddy who has written “Indian History”. Meant for the Civil Services Main Examination this book on “World History” presents the events of world history in a chronological manner. The discussions on the topics are panoramic, they discuss the topic from all possible angles which answer questions like, what happened? when did it happen? and how did it happen? and what was the outcome? These discussions will help the students thoroughly understand the subject and develop a perspective. 
1. Chronology of World History – helps understand the correct sequence of events
2. Following questions have been answered for every topic/theme i) What happened?
ii) Why did it happen?
iii) How did it happen?
iv) What was the outcome/impact?
3. Panoramic View of the topics with detailed analysis – discusses the topics from all possible angles
4. “Self assessment” method in order to make the subject appealing to each and everyone
5. Questions at the end of each chapter – question categories are the following:
i) Analytical
ii) Descriptive
iii) Explanatory iv) Casual v) Chronological
6. Written in an extremely lucid language.
7. Provides a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

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ISBN: 9789387067554
Publisher : Mc Graw Hill Education
Book Code : 12523
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